Wor. Lawrence Eugene Bethune's Installation
September 12, 2007 6:45 p.m.
Newtonville Masonic Building

Dalhousie Lodge, F. & A. M.
Established 1860
Welcomes You to Their Installation of Officers For 2007 – 2008


Installation of Officers Conducted by the
Kilwinning Club of Boston
Scottish Degree Team

Accompanied by their
Duty Piper and Drummer for the Evening

Welcoming Remarks
Wor. Peter M. Frasca
Master of Dalhousie Lodge

Installation of the 2007 – 2008 Officers

Closing Remarks
Wor. Lawrence E. Bethune

2007 – 2008 OFFICERS

Wor. Lawrence E. Bethune, Master of the Lodge
Bro. Jeremiah J. Manfra, Senior Warden
Bro. Jonathan B. Stevens, Junior Warden
Bro. Gary F. Yee, Treasurer
Bro. Richard A. Draper, Secretary
Bro. Wayne E. Martin, Senior Deacon
Bro. Jameson E. Yee, Junior Deacon
Wor. Robert M. Eaton, Chaplain
Wor. Bruce M. Newman, Associate Chaplain
Wor. David P. Dill, Sr., Marshal
Wor. Paul T. Forgit, Associate Marshal
Bro. Gary M. Yee, Senior Steward
Bro. Mukendi J. Kasongo, Junior Steward
Bro. Ronald S. Chau, Associate Steward
Paul L. Miranda, Associate Steward
Bro. Solon P. Zafiropoulos, Associate Steward
Bro. Peter A. Mooradian, Inside Sentinel
R.W. Dana A. Jackson, Organist
Bro. Roger F. Porter, Tyler
Bro. Randall P. Eck, Electrician

The 2007-2008 Dalhousie Lodge Officer Line

The 2007-2008 Dalhousie Lodge Officer Line
joined by Officers of the Grand Lodge of Prince Hall Masons
and of Celestial Lodge No. 2

Wor. Bethune addresses the Lodge for the first time as Master.
Looking on are (L-R): MW Leslie Lewis (Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts]), Recent Past Master Wor. Peter Frasca,
and Secretary Bro. Richard Draper.

The whole "Bethune" family (L-R):
uncle Bro. Lou Stamas, aunt Angela Stamas, Lou's wife Dora,
mother-in-law Evelyn Kananovich, Wor. Bethune, daughter Michaela, sister-in-law Susan, father-in-law Bro. "Big Al" Kananovich,
daughter Brittany, daughter Shana, and wife Cynthia

The Bethune family: Michaela, Larry, Brittany, Cynthia, and Shana

Brittany, Shana, and Larry

Shana and Larry

Wor. Bethune and uncle Bro. Lou Stamas